What Causes Autism: A Theory

by Deborah Lindsey

I actually wrote this article about 10 years ago but find that the information in it holds up to this day. It is well worth reading and so in response to the recent activity on this subject I thought it was worthy of reposting. I hope that you find it worthy of the read. Remember it is a theory and not proven beyond a shadow of a doubt but I still personally believe it to be quite accurate.


A few years ago I heard a theory about the underlying cause of autism from a healthcare practitioner that I respect very highly. As an alternative healthcare practitioner with a history in allopathic medicine, she has a balanced viewpoint on the issue. She is one of the world experts in autism with a worldwide practice helping autistic children. So when she offered this theory, it really stuck with me. Since that time, I have been watching and testing the theory in my own practice and find that she is right on. In fact, I have not yet come across a child who had autism or ADD/ADHD that didn’t fit these criteria. That being said, this is only a theory. Use it for what it is worth.

The Theory: What Causes Autism?

So what is this theory?

The theory is based on a simple but disastrous combination of factors, all of which have to come into play in one way or another for the autism to manifest. If all of the factors fall into place, you will likely have a child who is autistic. If some of them come into play, you are likely to have a child somewhere else on the spectrum.

The factors to be considered are the health of the mother’s (and/or father’s) immune system, and subsequently the child’s, immune system, pitocin, and vaccinations. (For those who don’t know, pitocin is what they give mothers to induce labor. Nowadays it is given freely to just about any mother to help speed up delivery, even though it has never been FDA approved for this use.)

A healthy birth

It all starts with the immune system. You see the immune system is made up of two different pathways—one that is responsible for protecting you from pathogens like viruses and bacteria and one that is responsible for protecting you from allergens. The part of the immune system that manages pathogens is called T1 and the part that manages allergens is called T2. In a healthy immune system, the body will have about 75% T1 activity and 25% T2 activity. That way your immune system will effectively stop most things that are harmful from getting into your body and kill it off pretty quickly if it does happen to get in.

When a healthy woman becomes pregnant, her immune system will naturally shift from a T1 dominant immune system to a T2 dominant immune system so that the body doesn’t kill off the baby as if it were a pathogen. If the immune system does not shift to a T2 dominance, the baby will likely abort. You know that a woman has shifted to a T2 dominant state because she gets symptoms related to morning sickness. These symptoms include a hypersensitivity to smell, nausea, and vomiting. This is all a natural and healthy part of the process.

pregnantWhile the mother is pregnant, she will remain in the T2 dominant state. The baby will also be T2 dominant. When the baby is ready to be born, it will send the mother a signal (presumably through the cerebrospinal fluid) that signals the mother to secrete a hormone called oxytocin. This secretion of oxytocin, which is sometimes referred to as the “love hormone”, is what signals the mom to go into labor. This influx of oxytocin is also responsible for that magical, mystical love that mother’s are known to feel for their children and vice versa. It is the bonding hormone.

Somehow, this oxytocin also signals the immune system to switch back to its original T1 state. In so doing, the immune system becomes a participant in birthing the baby. Once the signal is received by the mother, her immune system shifts back to T1 and now reacts to the baby as if it is an invader and goes to work to kick it out (i.e. labor).

When the mother switches back to a T1 dominant state, the baby, who is still directly connected to the mother through the placenta, does the same. In this way, the baby is born with a healthy immune system, able to handle whatever life throws its way.

If all of this works according to plan, you now have a healthy, happy baby. And even if they give the baby a vaccine within the first few hours of its birth, it can survive it (although barely) without major developmental problems because its immune system is T1 and can identify the pathogens in the vaccine and kill them off.

When everything goes wrong

So where does it all go wrong? The first factor, of course, is the health of the mother’s immune system before birth. (The father’s immune system may also play a role. This is still under review but it does appear to be a consideration). If the mother has an autoimmune disease at the time of conception, the mother’s immune system is already compromised. For many of these women, it is fairly easy to get pregnant and they feel like a million bucks during the pregnancy. Since the T1 immune system goes into repose, the part of her immune system that was attacking simply takes some time off and many of her aches and pains go away. She may not even experience much in the way of morning sickness because the immune system is already T2.

So while the woman is pregnant, both she and the baby are T2 and all is well. The problem comes in when it comes time to give birth. Oftentimes, when the woman is immune compromised, she will not easily switch back to T1 when the baby sends the signal that its time to be born. In that case, labor will be long and difficult. She may even go in and out of labor. In a situation like this, the medical establishment will reach for pitocin, which is a substitute oxytocin. The pitocin will then stimulate labor and the baby will be born.

The problem though is that the pitocin doesn’t switch the immune system back from a T2 dominant state to a T1 dominant state, which means that the baby doesn’t get the signal either. In that scenario, the baby is born T2 dominant and is not sufficiently able to handle its environment, especially anything pathogenic. It is, essentially, one of those babies who is highly allergic.

If in that moment, the baby is given a vaccination, that baby will likely become autistic or ADD/ADHD (depending, presumably, on the degree of the T2 dominance).

If, however, the baby does not get a vaccine at that time, there is still hope. If the mother’s immune system was healthy before birth, even if she received pitocin to induce or assist labor, her immune system may very naturally switch back to T1. If that happens and she breast feeds the baby, the baby will get the new immune system information from the mother and switch to T1.

At that time, the baby may very well be able to survive vaccination without getting autism.

The danger here is that while the baby is T2, it may not take to the breast very easily (as it is deficient in oxytocin and may not bond well) AND/OR it may be allergic to the mother’s milk and become colicky. In response, some mothers will give up on breast feeding or the doctor may suggest using formula. If you do that, the baby will not switch back to T1 and you are at risk once again. This child will very likely become autistic when vaccinated, depending on the age and ferocity of the vaccines (how many at one time, how much thimerisol, etc.) And, if the mother was originally immune compromised and her immune system does NOT switch back to T1 naturally, breast feeding will do little to solve the problem.

vaccineWhile it is unknown at this time exactly what happens to the baby when vaccines are administered, we do know that the state of the immune system is a critical factor as to whether or not the baby survives it without long-term harm. If the baby’s immune system is strong enough to fight off the pathogens, it will be okay. If the body is essentially in a heightened allergic state (T2) (largely because of the use of pitocin), it will not be able to fight off the pathogens in the vaccine and the baby will come out somewhere on the autism spectrum. In that case, the pathogens essentially destroy something inside the baby.

While we do not know exactly what happens, we do know that something happens to the Metallothionein proteins in the gut, which means that the baby is not able to manage heavy metals. Those heavy metals will collect most readily in the area between the two brains, making it virtually impossible for information to flow appropriately between the two sides of the brain. The child may be very good at math and other logical skills, but unable to process the creative and emotional aspects of life, as is common with autistic children. We also know that the baby will likely be deficient in oxytocin for the rest of its life, and thereby unable to bond with people socially. While we don’t know why this affects the gut area so deeply, we know that children who have a T2 dominant immune system are highly allergic (as that is the job of the T2 immune system). As a result, these children are unable to process many ordinary foods like milk (casein), wheat, gluten, and so forth. They also don’t fight off fungus very well and have extraordinarily high levels of fungus in the gut.

We also know that the mother (if she doesn’t switch back to a T1 dominant state naturally) is likely to have difficulty bonding with the baby and may feel excessively burdened or get the “baby blues”. If the mother’s immune system was borderline before she gave birth and pitocin was administered, she might not switch back to a T1 dominant state herself. Many mothers report that they are never the same after giving birth, now being highly allergic to things that never bothered them before. These mothers are now T2 dominant and have an even higher risk of giving birth to a second child who falls somewhere on the autism spectrum.

What about Regressive Autism?

Unfortunately, this isn’t the end of the story. Many, many children go through this process and appear to be quite healthy until about the age of 2. At this time, many children are subjected to government-sanctioned vaccines. At that time, literally thousands upon thousands of children have experienced similar symptoms: many children experience an extremely high fever (doctors will tell you its normal), they will cry and become discontent, and they may sleep for an inordinate amount of time. Upon awakening the day after the vaccine (particularly the MMR vaccine), you may notice that you child is somehow different. The child may no longer want to be held, it will no longer maintain eye contact, and within days or weeks, the child’s speech will diminish. You may even find the child flapping its arms or banging its head against the ground. These are indications of what are called regressive autism. (And yet everyone around you will deny that it was the vaccines that caused it. Even NPR did a one-sided story on it saying that there is absolutely no evidence that vaccines cause autism so they didn’t even have to present the other viewpoint. Its amazing. The drug companies and/or government must have a LOT at stake if they could buy off NPR.)

So why, you ask, do some children get the shots and come out okay while others are so completely devastated by the vaccines? The answer, once again, lies in the health of the babies immune system.


  • the mother (and father?) had healthy immune systems prior to the birth
  • The baby was born naturally (no pitocin), and
  • the child was breast fed

you will very likely have a healthy child who can handle the vaccines. Its also good if the child has had an opportunity to be around other sick children so it can pick up basic childhood diseases and subsequently teach the immune system appropriate responses.

If, however:

  • the mother (or father) were immune compromised before the birth (including something as innocuous as a cold at the time of conception)
  • pitocin was used in the delivery of the baby or the baby was delivered cesarean
  • the baby was not breast feed
  • Or if the mother is one of those people who never gets sick but is is always suffering from allergies (T2)

the baby is high risk.

Other characteristics to watch for:

  • The baby never seems to get sick, not even a common cold
  • Or if the baby does get sick, it stays sick for an inordinate amount of time
  • The baby hasn’t had an opportunity to be around other kids to pick up standard childhood diseases
  • The baby has chronic stuffy nose (indicating a T2 dominant immune system)
  • The baby has chronic dark circles under its eyes (indicating a T2 dominant immune system)
  • The baby has chronic earaches (T2)
  • Or the baby has chronic diarrhea (T2)

If you have any of these (especially if you have a combination of these), you really want to think hard before subjecting your child to vaccines, especially the MMR.

The MMR is particularly disastrous because it subjects your child to THREE major pathogens all at one time. A baby with a semi-developed immune system (and they all have some immune system or they’d be living in a bubble), can often handle the preliminary vaccines because they are given one disease at a time (and yes, people, they are giving your children diseases when they give them vaccines. The intention is to give a low dose of the disease so that the body builds up antibodies to it and purportedly becomes immune to it.) That all changes, however, when they give the MMR. In this case, they are giving your children THREE major diseases all at the same time. Even a healthy immune system in a full-grown adult will only get sick with one thing at a time. If your child’s immune system is even moderately weak, it will have difficulty surviving the onslaught of viruses and will fight very hard (i.e. the high fever) to kill it off. If it loses, however, the viruses will then do their deed and your child will never be the same.

Another consideration is whether or not the child is healthy at the time vaccines are administered. For example, a child’s immune system is compromised when it has a cold. So even if you have a child with a very healthy immune system, the child will be at an increased risk if you give it a vaccine when it has a cold or any other illness at the time. The immune system will already be occupied and unable to fight off the onslaught of new viruses.


As an overview, this theory asserts that three factors are primary considerations in whether or not a child will experience autism or its cousins. These three factors are:

1) The health of the immune system
2) The use of Pitocin and its role in the administration of immune system function during the birthing process
3) Vaccinations.


In short, if a child has a compromised immune system (either from the use of pitocin or a parent whose immune system was compromised before birth or they are sick at the time they are given a vaccine) and that child is administered vaccines, it will likely become autistic.


  1. Gopika Reply
    Thank you for sharing this piece of blog, Deborah. Being a therapist working among children with autism many a time this thought crosses my mind, what causes this 'condition' among these beautiful children. Somehow there is a quantum aspect to it as well as I truly believe these children have come to show us an alternate way of communication- not the one we are so used to using words or writing. A 'physical' aspect to this condition throws some insight to this quantum condition. Thank you once again for re posting this as I got a chance to read this as well:)
    • admin Reply
      I heard yesterday that 1 in 88 children is now affected and in that very sad number, 4 out of 5 are boys. These numbers are at epidemic numbers and they are affecting an entire generation of children. Having talked to so many parents who watched their normal, healthy children lose their speech and "normal" cognition within days, sometimes hours, of getting vaccinated I am horrified to watch the media and the legislators work together to continue to mandate vaccines AND make it impossible for parents to have any recourse. They are responsible for knowingly harming so many children that it is, in my opinion, criminal. And yet they continue to mandate more vaccinations including the oh so horrible guardasil, which can actually kill our young girls. Like you I try to figure out is there something bigger at work? Are they the crystal children who think in a higher way and communicate in a higher way? I would be more willing to adopt this belief if the injury that stimulated this condition were less obvious. I can see though that you are looking for understanding, for a silver lining for this blight on our very humanity.
      • Gopika Reply
        Indeed, these children have willingly come forward to help give us the reason whereby we can look into our integrity and change our ways of thinking and living. I think the vaccines can be a turning point to our pharma industry where they are forced to look into what they are creating in the name of greed and money. As you said, they have to take the responsibility for their actions since very clearly it is causing havoc also we are taught more empathy, compassion, refining our communication basically looking outside the box. Many of the children I work with can be clearly seen using their peripheral vision and looking into our auras. They pick up on our emotional states and reflect it back to us. Hence, I find myself checking myself periodically to clear thoughts they don't need to supported! It is a great gift and surely they are part of the indigos!!
    • Betsy Reply
      This sounds like a summary of my life...ending with a lupus dx and a daughter with Asperger's. :(
      • admin Reply
        I'm sorry to hear. It is so difficult to see these things happening and see nothing done about them. I send you blessings for healing.
  2. Jennifer Reply
    As a parent of high-functioning autistic identical twin girls, this theory makes total sense. We may never have the true answers to what 'creates' autism but this idea seems to be close by.
  3. subtrician Reply
    CHEMTRAILS cause Autism. Weather modification hidden in Plane site.
    • admin Reply
      Could be true. Interesting theory. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Joe Reply
    Keep posting this information, perhaps parents will stop vaccinating their children, before the government forces it upon us.
  5. mmoose Reply
    I have a son with autism. I am a MFT student and have been accepted into the PhD program for developmental and learning disorders. In graduate school I did a research paper on "Autism Connection: Vaccines vs Thyroid" (2012). I understand and believe now that the MMR vaccines are not the cause of my sons autism. Vaccines have been a life saver for millions. Go back in history...children died in record numbers from so many diseases that vaccines now can help. That said...I believe it is environmental. Hopefully someday I can be a part of finding out the "exact" cause and how to cure it. My son says, "Mommy, can't they just take a picture of my brain and then fix it?" I reply, "I am trying."
    • admin Reply
      I would be fascinated to hear your results on the research regarding the relationship to the thyroid. I have to say though that I think you are the very first mother who ever said to me that she doesn't think vaccines are implicated. I've talked to way too many mom's who watched their healthy, happy, verbal children get the vaccines, who get the fever shortly thereafter, and lose speech and eye contact within days to think that the idea can be swept under the carpet. There is a history here that is simply too convincing and too profound. Its also notable to me that Amish children don't get vaccinated and they have almost no autism. And they also haven't been killed off by any great plague that has taken the rest of us. It seems to me like we are really messing with mother nature here and as always she will have the final say.
  6. Cycle3man Reply
    Where are all the 40, 50 and 60 year old Autistics hiding?????

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