International Metaphysical University Launches UFO History Course by Richard Dolan

By Kelly Weary

On Monday November 12th 2012 The International Metaphysical University launched the first ever complete Master’s level College course in UFO history in the World. Although IMU is not yet accredited, that is what the curriculum is geared for. To give this important topic it’s due, Kelly Weary, Dean of Ufology at IMU asked Richard Dolan the leading historian in Ufology to create the Introduction to Ufology to officially launch the Department. Richard Dolan not only agreed to author the course but will teach the course himself and be accessible to students in a weekly group chat. You can read more about the course here and pick up your copy of UFOs and the National Security State here . We invite you to join us this week for this groundbreaking new course in UFO History!

We are very proud to have this comprehensive course by Richard Dolan exclusively at IMU!!

Richard Dolan is a leading historian and author about UFOs and related phenomena. He is author of UFOs and the National Security State (currently in 2 volumes) and co-author of A.D. After Disclosure: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth about Alien Contact. He also has a new book, due out in early 2013: Rethinking ET: UFOs for the 21st Century Mind. This is a fresh overview of the UFO phenomenon and everything related to it, with a view toward the future as well as the past.

Take our TEST DRIVE  and sample Richard’s first lecture for free!

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