Rand Paul Makes a Stand: Why is he the only one?

By now everyone knows about Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s brave stand against the government-sanctioned use of drones to kill Americans by conducting a lone filibuster on the floor of the U.S. Senate.

Generally speaking, we at IMU steer away from this sort of political issue. By and large, we respect the separation of church and state (as long as the “powers that be” continue to respect the separation of church and state) and we respect the various viewpoints of our students and readers. We also recognize that many of our students live in countries other than the United States and probably couldn’t give a hoot about happenings here in this nation, which for good or ill, many of us call home.

But on this one, I’m going to chime in.

Last night I was reading some of the tweets that others had written in response to a write up on Paul’s filibuster when I came across one that really hit me.

It said, “Why is he the only one?”

It took me a full minute before the full weight of that question hit me.

Why is he the only one? 

Why is he the only one? 

Why is he the only one? 

It rings in my head.

Why is he the only one? 


I want to scream this question! Didn’t we elect our “leaders” as representatives who would protect our rights and do what is right by us?

I mean does anyone else think that its okay for the government to have the right to decide that they don’t like you for whatever reason, have a meeting behind closed doors, and then send an unmanned, predator airplane with special guidance software to find you, wherever you are, and then kill you? ANYONE?

And if the answer to this question is as obvious as I think it is, why isn’t anyone else standing up to join the frey? Why isn’t it like in Horton Hears a Who and all of the people come together in one combined intent and effort to let themselves be heard? Why isn’t this a cacophony of voices screaming, “Hell no!”

Is this indicator of just how sick our government has become? Are we so infiltrated by greed, corporatism, the war mentality, lobbyists, and I personally believe, the “Illuminati” that one man standing up who has a shred of decency is big news?  To me, he sounds like the 13 year old girl who stood before the UN and told them to stop the wars.

Why aren’t others joining him? 

Is our society so far gone that when one brave soul finally stands up and shows that the emperor has no clothes that not even one person in the government can hear him? Honestly, I’m flabbergasted.

Does anyone else see this? Does anyone else think that this is a no-brainer?! Of COURSE our government doesn’t have the right to kill us without going through a court of law. Personally I don’t think they EVER have the right to kill us. I think that we are each born with inalienable rights that are granted from our creator. But maybe I’m weird that way.

To me, this is a big wake up call. I knew things were broken up there on capital hill (and in the halls of those who call the shots for those who are supposedly in charge) but this just has me shaking my head.

Now the question is, what the heaven can we do about it?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to comment below.

Here’s some information on the drone strikes. Notice how the Council on Foreign Relations are the ones reporting on how widely its used. Does anyone else notice a fox in the hen house on THAT one?


Here’s an article from Natural News that gives more details on Rand Paul’s brave stand.  http://www.naturalnews.com/039392_Rand_Paul_President_Obama_stand_with.html#ixzz2Ms7Cov7L

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