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Paul Eno, Ph.B.

Paul Eno teaches paranormal studies at the International Metaphysical University, where they offer an online degree in Metaphysics

Paul F. Eno has been called “the most intelligent voice in paranormal research today,” as well as “God’s ghost hunter,” “one of the most visionary philosophers of our time,” and “the ghost hunter with a brain.” Several radio and television producers have called him simply “incredible” and “inspiring.”

Paul was one of the first paranormal investigators of the early 1970s, beginning while he was studying for the priesthood. His early mentors included parapsychology pioneer Dr. Louisa Rhine, Fr. John J. Nicola SJ (technical advisor for the film The Exorcist) and legendary, first-generation ghost hunters Ed & Lorraine Warren.

Today, Paul is an award-winning New England journalist, a graduate of two seminaries, the author of eight books (two bestsellers), and holds a rare Ph.B in philosophy. He is considered one of the world’s most distinguished experts in the paranormal and spiritual fields.

Much in demand as a talk-show guest around the nation, Paul has appeared multiple times on “Coast to Coast A.M.” (30 million listeners) with Art Bell and George Noory. He has presented his interactive programs on the paranormal all over America and in Europe. He has appeared on the Travel, Discovery and History Channels.

His unusually long experience in the field, his hair-raising adventures with famous hauntings, along with his utterly unique, riveting theories about the paranormal and its meaning for our understanding of the world and ourselves, draw capacity crowds wherever he speaks. His audiences love his wit, and are always moved by his compassion, his message of deathless hope, and the accounts of families he has helped.

Paul and his family live in Rhode Island.

Find out more about Paul and his work at www.newenglandghosts.com and www.footstepsintheattic.com.