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Norma Turner, Ph.D.Norma Turner is a lifelong learner, a professional educator, and editor with a Ph.D. in Human Sciences, which is an interdisciplinary study of psychology, social science, and humanities.  With a Master’s degree in Management, specializing in Human Resources and Organizational Behavior, and a Master’s degree in Humanities, specializing in philosophy and religious studies, Norma is a student of the human experience.  Because of her broad background in both education and business, Norma has taught many courses across the general studies curriculum.

Norma is studying for the ministry in Spiritualism, NSAC, having spent almost 20 years in formal Catholic ministry as an educator. She is also assistant pastor at the Church of the Living Spirit in Glendale, AZ.  Norma lives in north Phoenix and can be reached at njturner@earthlink.net