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Holistic Health

Masters Degree Program in Holistic Health

If you have a strong passion for holistic health and wish to embark on a rewarding life changing journey, to help yourself and others, our Master Degree program is for you.

At the International Metaphysical University (IMU), our online program offers a comprehensive course load that focuses heavily in the area of Energy Medicine.

We believe that “there is a lot more than a pill for every ill”.

Our online professional program is particularly designed for students that seek a top quality, inspiring education in Holistic Health, who want to be independent learners who wish to create their own study schedule, and yet still need the personal connection and mentoring of an authentic, experienced teacher.

What we do is more than simply a business. At IMU you are not only a number. Our goal is to help you fulfill your dream.Training instructions are delivered with love and dedication to cultivating healthy beginnings & relationships and promoting loving touch & communication through training, research, education and continued development and growth with practice.

We are eager and excited to share the skills and knowledge that will trigger your innate ability to heal and to maintain optimum health. We would just love you to join us and BECOME A LIVING EXAMPLE AND AN AUTHENTIC GUIDE FOR OTHER PEOPLE.

To graduate with a Masters Degree in Metaphysics with a focus in Holistic Health, students must complete twelve courses (36 credits) as follows.

Required Courses

CON 501 Principles of Metaphysics

HH 503 Anatomy and Physiology

HH 505 Energy Kinesiology and Muscle Testing

RES 550 Research and Writing

RES 560 Capstone Project

Choose Any Five of the Following Courses

ORD 500 Ordination

HH 502 Energy Anatomy

HH 506 The Al-Chemia Remedies: Egyptian Flower and Sacred Sites Remedies

HH 514 Cellular Cleanse Level 1: Particles and Frequency

HH 515 Emotional Freedom Technique Certification

SHA 501 Foundations of Shamanism

SHA 502 Basic Shamanic Journeying

SHA 603 Fundamentals of Huna Shamanism

SHA 604 Huna Shaman Training

SHA 605 Ho’oponopono

CON 514 Meditation Techniques

IA 501 Foundations of Psychic Development

CON 503 Flower of Life, Sacred Geometry, and the Merkaba

Choose two electives from the Metaphysics program.