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This Week at IMU

Hi Everyone! Here’s the Latest from IMU:

Top Updates

1. Starworks USA UFO Symposium
Bringing you back to the future! Back to Laughlin, Nevada with all your favorite headline speakers. November 14-16 2014 at the Aquarius Casino Resort. Register now and don’t miss out as tickets are limited. Click Here for information.

2. IMU is the sponsor of Sane Talk.
This Week’s Guest: Avril Weiss – Sound Healing
iHeart Radio and the Women 4 Women Radio Network with 6 million global listeners daily, host Joyce M. Jackson’s weekly radio show, Sane Talk. For more information Click Here. Sane Talk supports IMU and you can listen Thursdays at 1pm PDT/4pm EDT by Clicking Here.

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~Joyce M. Jackson, editor
IMU PhD Candidate

Traffic Light On Mars Spotted In NASA Curiosity Rover Photo

The extraterrestrial signal was spotted by a British UFO enthusiast named Joseph White. Curiosity snapped the photo at 1:08 a.m. EDT on sol 753 (Sept. 19).  Read More

New Diamond Nanothreads May Make Space Elevator a Reality

A team of scientists have crafted a thread of carbon atoms 20,000 times smaller than a strand of human hair, and it may prove to be the strongest man-made material in the universe. Read More

So What Really Goes Down if We Find the Aliens?

If we trip across life that’s not of this world, do we blast it or befriend it? What impact would it have on our society? Read More

New York Scientists Unveil Invisibility Cloak to Rival Harry Potter's

atch out Harry Potter, you are not the only wizard with an invisibility cloak. Read More

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