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Mysterious Streak Of Light Seen Over California

wo days after people across the West coast of the United States reported seeing a mysterious streak of light travelling across the morning skies, no one has been able to explain what it could have been. The mysterious streak of light was observed at around 6 am on Friday morning by various people in the Bay Area. There have been reports of people seeing the same streak of light in Oregon, as well as Nevada. Read More


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1. Starworks USA UFO Symposium
Bringing you back to the future! Back to Laughlin, Nevada with all your favorite headline speakers. November 14-16 2014 at the Aquarius Casino Resort. Register now and don’t miss out as tickets are limited. Click Here for information.

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This Week’s Guest: Coleen Cole Morrison – Your Hand Prints of Destiny
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Experts Tackle Question of How Humans Will Evolve

What will become of humanity hundreds, thousands, millions of years from now? Experts make predictions about what the future holds for our kind. Additional predictions follow. Read More

ESP and the Brain

Psychic phenomena are controversial, and any discussion of the paranormal provokes debate. For more than a century psychical research, or parapsychology as it is called today, has been attempting to use scientific methods to unravel the mysteries of psi (psi is the first letter of the Greek word psyche and is used to denote any type of psychic phenomena). Recent developments in parapsychology and neuroscience have revealed new clues about the way ESP and other psychic abilities are processed by the brain. Read More

Holistic Alternative Medicine and CAM Definitions

Holistic alternative medicine has entered the mainstream as growing numbers of people embrace and expect integrated healing methods that address their wellness needs as a whole person to either accompany or replace our current system that relies on treating parts, suppressing symptoms, prescribing drugs, and doing invasive procedures. Read More

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