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This Week at IMU

Hi Everyone! Here’s the Latest from IMU:

Top Updates

1. Starworks USA UFO Symposium
Bringing you back to the future! Back to Laughlin, Nevada with all your favorite headline speakers. November 14-16 2014 at the Aquarius Casino Resort. Register now and don’t miss out as tickets are limited. Click Here for information.

2. IMU is the sponsor of Sane Talk.
This Week’s Guest: Dr. Rebeccas HArdcastle Wright – Exoconsciousness
iHeart Radio and the Women 4 Women Radio Network with 6 million global listeners daily, host Joyce M. Jackson’s weekly radio show, Sane Talk. For more information Click Here. Sane Talk supports IMU and you can listen Thursdays at 1pm PDT/4pm EDT by Clicking Here.

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~Joyce M. Jackson, editor
IMU PhD Candidate

Genetic Evidence Says Easter Island Had Visitors 100s Of Years Before Previously Thought

Scientists published a study in Current Biology that suggests the inhabitants of the remote Easter Island had contact with the Americas hundreds of years before previously thought. Read More

Deep Sea 'Mushroom' Could be Early Branch on Tree of Life

Miniature deep sea animals discovered off the Australian coast almost three decades ago are puzzling scientists, who say the organisms have proved impossible to categorise. Academics at the Natural History of Denmark have appealed to the world scientific community for help, saying that further information on Dendrogramma enigmatica and Dendrogramma discoides could answer key evolutionary questions. Watch Here

Bio-Photon Research Expands

Bio-photon research is at the forefront of biological research based on the leadership of F.A. Popp and a group of researchers in Europe.  Popp’s work and the ongoing work of biologists around the world is building on research which indicates that living organisms generate ultraviolet light which seems to be used to transfer information between cells and between organisms.  This invisible source of energy and information is now being considered as a potential source of ESP experiences in humans. Read More

16 People With Real Super Abilities

Have you ever dreamed about having super powers? Most likely if you are anything like me you have fantasized about having extraordinary abilities such as super strength or moving objects with your mind. Read More

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