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Masters Degree in Metaphysics, Focus in Intuitive Arts

Graduate with a Masters Degree in Metaphysics with a focus in Intuitive Arts from the International Metaphysical University (IMU). In this program students will explore a variety of intuitive processes that will lead toward psychic development. The goal with this intuitive arts degree is to graduate students who are able to earn a living as a professional in the field, whether as a psychic, psychic coach or counselor, or as a intuitive healer. Toward this goal, students learn from top industry experts, many of whom are world renowned, in an interactive, online format.  The courses are full college-level courses that include up to 45 learning hours of training and field world.  The work in this program goes well beyond just reading books, it goes into exploration and implementation.  The program is designed to be experiential and thought-provoking. Advanced students will complete psychic research toward an advancement incredibility the field at large.

To graduate with a Masters Degree in Metaphysics with a focus in Intuitive Arts, students must complete twelve courses as follows.

Learn palmistry online at the International Metaphysical UniversityRequired Courses

ORD 500 Ordination
CON 501 Principles of Metaphysics
CON 514 Meditation Techniques
IA501 Foundations of Psychic Development
PAR 502 The Art of Psychic Protection
RES 550 Research and Writing
RES 560 Capstone Project

Choose Any Three of the Following Courses

IA 503 Introduction to Dreams and Dream Interpretation
IA 505 Palmistry
IA 511 Astrology
IA 512 Tarot
HH521 Developing the Eyes of the Medical Intuitive
IA 602 Numerology
IA 603 Animal Communication
IA 604 Mediumship
IA 605 Mind Traveling UFOs and Extraterrestrial Civilizations

Choose Any Two Electives from Any Program