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Astrology Certification

Astrology Certification

The connection between you and the Universe through astrological signs.

For coaches, consultants, people who want to increase knowledge of the universe and students pursuing a degree from IMU.

What if you could read the night sky, the planets, the moon and the sun, to predict future occurrences and read the personalities of others?

Without leaving the comfort of your home? Without spending all your hard earned savings?

And wouldn’t it feel incredible to be the person that is sought out to help fix other’s problems and grief?

Sounds excellent, doesn’t it? Then the Astrology Certification course is for you!

Attention: Class size is limited because of the personal attention each student receives in this course

Please click her to see if you can enroll in this class now or add your name to the waiting list.

Frequently Asked Questions

“What Will I Know After I Complete the Astrology Certification course?”

  • You’ll know how to use the history of astrology and why the oldest science in the world has survived.
  • You’ll know how to incorporate the planets and their signs to the basic sun sign information.
  • You’ll know how to clearly explain the sun signs and moon signs with planetary influences, along with astrological houses.
  • You’ll know how to recognize and draw the different astrological and planetary glyphs.
  • You’ll know how to cast and interpret a natal chart for anyone.
  • You’ll know why the elements, their qualities and planetary aspects are important to not only the sun signs, but their entire natal chart.
  • And more…

“What Graduates Are Saying?”

Attention: Class size is limited because of the personal attention each student receives in this course.

Please click here to see if you can enroll in this class now or add your name to the waiting list.

“What Will I Experience In The Astrology Certification Course?”

On your first day of class, you’ll login and join the small, intimate group of students who will be experiencing this journey with us.

You’ll receive instructions on how to download your free textbooks. You’ll begin learning the basic astrology information in order to cast natal charts.

“How I Will Retain What I’ve Learned So I Can Put It Into Practice in Real-Life?”

  • 1. You’ll interact with your instructor and your fellow students through forum discussions that ask you to think about what you’ve learned and embed it in your mental process for easy access when you need it.
  • 2. 2. You’ll create a 3 page paper because the power of writing helps you build the mental construct that connects new ideas with your current life experiences anchoring what you’ve learned to create new metaprograms. (100 potential points)
  • 3. After every audio and reading lesson (the easiest way to get an education that fits your schedule ) you’ll see how much new information you’ve retained with a 10-question “Celebration of Knowledge” (900 potential points)

Reviewing with a “Celebration of Knowledge” insures 2 critical outcomes:

  • 1. Your brain grabs hold of new knowledge and replaces old knowledge best when you ask questions and provide it with answers. The more you do this, the more you’ll retain and the faster you’ll make use of it in real life.
  • 2. Your brain prioritizes new information based on the attention you give it. When you ask it questions and give it answers, you’re prioritizing the information you’ve just invested in learning faster and easier-so you’ll naturally use it to take action

“What Free Resources Will I Have Immediate Access To?”

There is no required textbook for the Astrology Certification course.

“When Can I Sign Up?”


Class size is limited because of the personal attention each student receives in this course.

Please click here to see if you can register for this class now or add your name to the waiting list.

“How Will You Measure My Progress To Guarantee I’m Doing Right?”

You want to get the most from your learning, don’t you? To guarantee you’re getting the foundation you need for both conscious life creation and to get paid to help clients in the metaphysical arena, all of your work will be examined in detail. Remember, we’re here to help so if you have any questions, please feel free to share them with your instructor and the students on your journey.

90-100 = A, 80-89 = B, 70-79 = C.

If you find that your work is falling below 70% please contact your instructor for help.

“How Much Time Do I Have To Complete This Course?”

You’ll want to stay with your cohort and complete this course in 12 weeks. Extensions are granted for busy lifestyles because everyone deserves to learn how to create their own reality!

About Susan Sheppard

Susan Sheppard is an instructor of astrology at the International Metaphysical University, an online college that offers degrees in metaphysics

Not only is Susan Sheppard the creator of the Haunted Parkersburg Ghost Tours, she is also well-respected as an author and for her abilities as a psychic medium.

She has worked as psychic and a spiritualist medium since age fourteen and as a paranormal investigator for the last decade. This came about when her friends overheard a well-known psychic tell Susan that she, too, had “the gift” and should use her special abilities to help others. This was no surprise to Susan’s family who had witnessed her uncanny abilities since early childhood.

Her West Virginia childhood might have some bearing on her interest in the paranormal. Sheppard is “Black Dutch,” meaning she is descended from the less than 850 Shawnee Indians remained east of the Mississippi River after the other Shawnee (during the “Trial of Tears” removal) were forced onto reservations out west in the 1830s. Susan, along with others in the Friend family, is a direct descendent of Shawnee Chief Big Thunder through his daughter, Bright Lightning, whose name was anglicized to “Anna Friend.”

Susan grew up just a few hills away from the first sighting of the famous West Virginia Mothman. It was during this time that Sheppards family home underwent a great deal of paranormal activity sparking her interest in the unknown while tapping into her natural psychic talents. However, Sheppard has had direct communications with spirits of her Native American ancestors since around age four when she met the ghosts of two Indian braves on the hillside above her grandparent’s house in broad daylight. Though very small, she understood the braves to be both her ancestors and her guides. Ms. Sheppards adolescence was spent partly doing psychic readings along with school work and sometimes working with local law enforcement on missing person cases. She later grew up with the aspirations of becoming a published author and an artist, both of which she achieved. Sheppard has authored a number of popular books which are sold worldwide and has continued with her art in many venues. Her poetry alone has won many prestigious awards.

Susan has never strayed from her interests in the spirit world and has continued to work in the field as a medium, as well as a practicing astrologer. In the last few years she has worked primarily as a psychic medium and a paranormal investigator on various ghost hunts and investigations. She also leads séances, does clearings and performs platform style readings before the public for which she is the most famous in her area.

Last year, Susan was featured on the ABC Family Channels popular show Scariest Places on Earth as a psychic medium at the Shawnee Amusement Park in Bluefield, West Virginia. She has previously taught Be Your Own Psychic classes at the Self-Health & Awareness Center and continues appear before audiences and live television as a psychic medium. Not only is Susan an exceptional psychic, she is knowledgeable in the field of the unknown. She remains up-to-date on the latest developments in research concerning the paranormal.

Proxy: Allison Sandblom

Check out her website at www.hauntedparkersburg.com.

Remember:Class size is limited because of the personal attention each student receives in this course.

Please click here to see if you can register for this class now or add your name to the waiting list.