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Mind Traveling UFOs

Mind Traveling UFO’s and Extraterrestrial Civilizations

Preparation through advanced techniques as a guide to Mind Travel and Extraterrestrial Civilizations.

For coaches, consultants, hypnotists, authors, lecturers, people who want to know more about the extraterrestrial life and students pursuing a degree from IMU.

What if you could successfully travel through outer space with only the power of your mind? And use it to better understand the life forms residing there?

Without spending all your hard-earned money?Without leaving the comfort and relaxation of your home?

And how satisfying would it be to be capable of fluently explain your experiencing to not only friends and family, but also people in the political and governmental arena?

Then your search ends here! The Mind Traveling UFO’s and Extraterrestrial Civilizations course is the right choice for YOU!

Attention: Class size is limited because of the personal attention each student receives in this course.

Please click here to see if you can enroll in this class now or add your name to the waiting list.

Frequently Asked Questions

“What Will I Know After I Complete Mind Traveling UFO’s and Extraterrestrial Civilizations?”

  • You’ll know how to communicate and interact with extraterrestrials and other advanced life forms.
  • You’ll know how to achieve ReSPITE®, the relaxed state of mind, and personal travel phenomena.
  • You’ll know how to navigate through Mind Traveling to various UFO/USO and crop circle sites successfully.
  • You’ll know how to interact with alien beings during Mind Travel sessions.

“What Graduates Are Saying?”

Attention: Class size is limited because of the personal attention each student receives in this course.

Please click here to see if you can enroll in this class now or add your name to the waiting list.

“What Will I Experience In Mind Traveling UFO’s and Extraterrestrial Civilizations?”

On your first day of class you’ll login and join the small, intimate group of students who will be experiencing this journey with us.

You’ll receive instructions on how to download your free textbooks. You’ll begin learning how to harness the power of your mind to travel through outer space to meet the life forms occupying the places traveled.

“How Will I Retain What I’ve Learned So I Can Put It Into Practice In Real-Life?”

  • 1. You’ll interact with your instructor and your fellow students through forum discussions that ask you to think about what you’ve learned and embed it in your mental process for easy access when you need it.
  • 2. You’ll create a 3 page paper because the power of writing helps you build the mental construct that connects new ideas with your current life experiences anchoring what you’ve learned to create new metaprograms. (100 potential points)
  • 3. After every audio and reading lesson (the easiest way to get an educations that fits your schedule) you’ll see how much new information you’ve retained with a 10-question “Celebration of Knowledge” (900 potential points)

Reviewing with a “Celebration of Knowledge” insures 2 critical outcomes:

  • 1. Your brain grabs hold of new knowledge and replaces old knowledge best when you ask questions and provide it with the answers. The more you do this, the more you’ll retain and the faster you’ll make use of it in real-life.
  • 2. Your brain prioritizes new information based on the attention you give it. When you ask it questions and give it answers, you’re prioritizing the information you’ve just invested in learning faster and easier-so you’ll naturally use it to take action.

“What Free Resources Will I Have Immediate Access To?”

Through the Eyes of a Traveler

UFO’s: Through the Eyes of a Traveler

Available as e-books only: http://respiterelaxation.com/ebooks/EyesIMU.html

“When Can I Sign Up?”


Class size is limited because of the personal attention each student receives in this course.

Please click here to see if you can register for this class now or add your name to the waiting list.

“How Will You Measure My Progress To Guarantee I’m Doing Right?”

You want to get the most from our learning, don’t you? To guarantee you’re getting the foundations you need for both conscious life creation and to get paid to help clients in the metaphysical arena, all of you r work will be examined in detail. Remember, we’re here to help so if you have any questions, please feel free to share them with your instructor and the students on your journey.

90-100 = A, 80-89 = B, 70-79 = C.

If you find that your work is falling below 70% or you experience other problems,

“How Much Time Do I Have To Complete This Course?”

You’ll want to stay with your cohorts and complete this course in 12 weeks. Extensions are granted for busy lifestyles because everyone deserves to learn how to create their own reality.

About John Terry

John Terry became a Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt) in 1985 through the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE), founded by the legendary Gil Boyne. He immediately went to work on what he then felt was his life’s passion, to attack the negative symptoms of stress by helping people overcome their most debilitating neuroses. But that pursuit, even though fulfilling, inadvertently led to a most unexpected course change in his life that totally seized his innate curiosity—and never relented—the reality of Time Travel.

For the next 15 years, he experimented with as many techniques as he came across to quiet the mind to the deepest levels of natural relaxation. Ultimately he discovered the most effective model to consistently produce the relaxed state-of-mind, but not for himself. He helped others, but he couldn’t help himself, until he met Bonny Adams, that is, the co-author of their series of books.

John has been advancing the trademarked relaxation methods and techniques now for well over two decades. ReSPITE® (pronounced res´pit), which denotes a brief interval of rest or relief, is also an acronym of his own making that stands for: Relaxation—Sensory Perception Induced Trance Experience (sensory perception is the learned ability to perceive, or tune into, our five senses). Once achieved, the mind has acute access to incredible information from what he has termed “Travels” into the past, present, or future.
John immediately recognized Bonny’s aptitude for Mind Traveling, and it wasn’t long before they were spending practically every day together trying to discover the limits and boundaries of the mind, generally, and of her abilities, specifically. She brought with her unique techniques, as an artist, which enabled John, who by then had realized that he suffered from “analysis paralysis,” to finally experience the incredible phenomenon for himself.

Bonny was unlike anyone he had ever worked with. Where the average person could engage in the Traveling phenomenon only on occasion, perhaps once a week (it tended to wear on them down physically), she was able, and willing, to accept the challenge almost every day. And that wasn’t all. When her mind went places, no matter the point in time and space, it was as if she was actually there, not only visualizing in vivid images, as others were capable of, but she brought with her all the other five senses, as well; a full range of sight, sound, touch, taste, smell, including a definitive sixth sense, the ability to join with the thoughts of anyone or anything they encountered.

A number of years have now past since they took their first Travel together, and literally hundreds of sessions to places and times that the average person can’t possibly begin to imagine, and they have found no discernible limits or boundaries to speak of! They’ve readily shared these remarkable experiences as guest speakers wherever they go. John has now been invited to share his IA/UFO experiences with students of this university, which are vast and truly amazing.

John is co-author of the book, UFOs: Through the Eyes of A Traveler with Bonny Adams.


Class size is limited because of the personal attention each student receives in this course.

Please click here to see if you can register for this class now or add your name to the waiting list.