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Variety of ET Encounters

Variety of Extraterrestrial Encounters

- Your exciting and thought-provoking exploration of contact reports and the work with contactees

For therapists, authors, consultants, film makers, contactees and students pursuing a degree of the IMU – and everybody interested in the nature and research of extraterrestrial encounters

Wouldn’t it be great to know the truth about those many claims of alien encounters?

Without giving up your beliefs? Without wasting time and money on self-proclaimed gurus?

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to understand and support contactees?

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Then “Variety of Extraterrestrial Encounters” is for YOU!

Attention: Class size is limited because of the personal attention each student receives in this course.

Please click here to see if you can enroll in this class now or add your name to the waiting list.

Frequently Asked Questions

“What Will I Know After I Complete Variety Of Extraterrestrial Encounters?”

  • You’ll know the wide variety of Extraterrestrial Encounter Phenomena
  • You’ll know how to recognize the types of extraterrestrial beings
  • You’ll know the variety of agendas they enact with human experiencers
  • You’ll know how people who experience these encounters are affected
  • You’ll know the ‘clues’ of being contacted and abducted
  • You’ll learn about attempts to refuse and avoid encounters
  • You’ll know about continuing relationships between people and particular ETs and the ET/Human reproductive program and hybrid offspring
  • You’ll know how to determine the reality or non-reality of suspected encounters
  • You’ll recognize the positive, worthwhile aspects of encounters
  • You’ll know how people who experience encounters can get help and support
  • And more…

“What Graduates Are Saying?”

I am happy to recommend the Varieties of Extraterrestrial Encounters with Barbara Lamb to anyone interested in expanding their consciousness. I found Barbara a warm and experienced instructor and an expert in this field of study. She has a wealth of knowledge and insight, leaving the participant with a vast more expansive view of the world. I found the class personally illuminating, and subtly mind bending. I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in the extraterrestrial encounters.

-Shirley Ryan

Attention: Class size is limited because of the personal attention each student receives in this course.

Please click here to see if you can enroll in this class now or add your name to the waiting list.

“What Will I Experience In Variety of Extraterrestrial Encounters?”

On your first day of class you’ll login and join the small, intimate group of students who will be experiencing this journey with us

You’ll receive instructions on how to use the learning platform. You’ll begin learning about the various encounter experiences and how to deal with them from day one.

Week 1 & 2: You’ll be provided an overview of the Extraterrestrial Phenomenon: who is involved, reactions, clues, evidence, witnesses, implants, being amnesic, varieties of ET beings and spirit beings, typical encounters. Followed by a chat room discussion.

Week 3 & 4: You’ll learn why certain people have encounters, and about refusing abductions, family involvement, children’s encounters, varieties of relationships with ETs, including interdimensional ETs and hybrid children, experiences remembered during regressions, descriptions of ET ships, ET/human hybridization program. Followed by a quiz and a chat room discussion.

Week 5 & 6: You’ll hear about positive encounters with ETs: being healed, educated, taught psychic skills. Followed by a chat room discussion.

Week 7 & 8: You’ll get an insight into being delegates to ET council meetings, having missions encouraged by ETs, seeing unusual things on the ships, experiencing unusual procedures, being shown prophetic scenes, ETs wanting information from humans, encounters at home, conscious, awake encounters, receiving important information from ETs, being influenced from afar, humans collaborating with ETs, having dual identity with an ET. Followed by a quiz and a chat room discussion.

Week 9 & 10: You’ll learn about having been an ET as a past life, doing research on other planets, being rescued by an ET, large groups of people being abducted together, dual regressions, experiencing temporary invisibility, ‘walk-ins’, military abductions, ‘Men in Black’, help and therapy for experiencers, therapy for the therapist, summary of the course, refer to therapists who work with experiencers, support groups, conclusion of lectures. Followed by a chat room discussion.

Week 11 & 12:You’ll write a 5-8 page paper (single spaced), take a final quiz, and take part in a final chat room discussion.

You’ll work with a rich treasure of information, including:

  • “Extraterrestrial Encounters: How Regression Therapy Can Help” by Barbara Lamb. (To be found on the ACCET website: www.accetacademy.com)
  • Barbara Lamb’s lectures on YouTube: (Type in www.BarbaraLambYouTube.com in order to avoid the segments of (another) Barbara Lamb the violinist and her music videos)
  • 1. Barbara Lamb – MUFON LA – January 5, 2009 “Unique Encounters With ETs
  • 2. “Barbara Lamb: Unique Encounters With Extraterrestrial Beings” – March 25, 2009.International UFO Congress (iufoc)
  • 3. Barbara Lamb, “Hypnotic Regression and Alien Abduction” – Paranormal TV, October 8, 2007
  • 4. Preview of Interview With Barbara Lamb: “Barbara Lamb on Regressions, Reptilians, and Hybrids” – Conscious Media Network – February, 2009
  • 5. “Military/ET Abductions” With Barbara Lamb – www.ufoshows

For further discussion, you will be required to purchase Alien Experiences by Barbara Lamb and Nadine Lalich, 2008, Trafford, Victoria, B.C., Canada (order through www.barbaralambmft.com), in addition to the free material.

“How Will I Retain What I Learned So I Can Put It Into Practice In Real-Life?”

  • 1. You’ll interact with your instructor and your fellow students in six Live Chat Room discussions and Q&A (Chat Room discussions will be held every other Thursday at 4 pm Pacific Standard Time) which will ask you to think about what you’ve learned and embed it in your mental process for easy access when you need it.
  • 2. You’ll review the learned topics further by writing a paper (5-8 pages).
  • 3. After completing the audio & reading lessons (the easiest way to get an education that fits your schedule) you’ll see how much new information you’ve retained with a total of 3 tests.

“Reviewing in that way insures 2 critical outcomes:?”

  • Your brain grabs hold of new knowledge, and replaces old knowledge best when you ask questions & provide it with the answers. The more you do this, the more you’ll retain, and the faster you’ll make use of it in real life.
  • Your brain prioritizes new information based on the attention you give it. When you ask it questions, and give it answers, you’re prioritizing the information you’ve just invested in learning faster, and easier—so you’ll naturally use it to take action.

“What Free Resources Will I Have Immediate Access To?”

You’ll have immediate access to the lesson texts, the power-point presentations, the live chats, the article and videos by Barbara Lamb as well as the experiences of your fellow students.

“Where Can I Find Additional Information?”

You might consider reading these optional texts:

Human Encounters With Aliens, Mack, John E., MD, Abduction: (New York: McMillan Co., 1944

Passport To The Cosmos – Human Transformation and
Alien Encounters Mack, John E., MD,(New York, Crown Publishers, 1999)

Healing Shattered Reality: Understanding Contactee Trauma, Bryant, Alice and Seebach, Linda, M.S.W.,(Tigard: Wildflower Press, 1991)

Close Extraterrestrial Encounters: Positive Experiences With
Mysterious Visitors, Boylan, Richard, Ph.D., (Columbus: Wildflower Press, 1994)

Sacred Encounters: Spiritual Awakenings During Close Encounters Colli, Janet Elizabeth, , (Xlibris Corporation, 2004)

The Custodians: Beyond Abduction, Cannon, Dolores, (Huntsville, Ozark Mountain Publishing, Inc, 2000)

Missing Time: A Documented Study of UFO Abductions, Hopkins, Budd, (Richard MarekPublisher, 1981)

Awakening: How Extraterrestrial Contact Can Change Your Life, Rodwell, Mary, R.N., ( Australia: Filament Books, 2006)

Confirmation: The Hard Evidence of Aliens Among Us, Strieber, Whitley, New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1998)

The Alien Jigsaw, Wilson, Katharina, (Portland: Puzzle Publishing, 1993)

We may discuss these, but you will not be tested on them.

“When Can I Sign Up?”


Class size is limited because of the personal attention each student receives in this course.

Please click here to see if you can register for this class now or add your name to the waiting list.

“How Will You Measure My Progress To Guarantee I’m Doing Right?”

You want to get the most from your learning, don’t you? To guarantee you’re getting the foundation you need for both discerning the nature of reports and to get paid to help clients who experienced encounters, all of your work will be examined in detail. Remember, we’re here to help so if you have any questions, please feel free to share them with your instructor and the students on your journey.

90-100 = A, 80-89 = B, 70-79 = C.

If you find that your work is falling below 70% or you experience other problems,

“How Much Time Do I Have To Complete This Course?”

You’ll want to stay with your cohort and complete this course in 12 weeks. Extensions are granted for busy lifestyles because everyone deserves to learn about the wide range and reality of extraterrestrial encounter phenomena!

About your instructor:

Barbara Lamb Teaches about UFOs at the International Metaphysical University

Barbara is a renowned researcher of the Crop Circle and Alien Abduction Phenomenon. She has extensive knowledge of numerous kinds of beings who are different than the typical ‘gray aliens’ we so often see described. These beings have an amazing variety of agendas for the humans with whom they interact. Barbara teaches about the reasons given by them for their actions with us: physical, psychological, mental and spiritual; helping us to make more sense of this perplexing phenomenon.

As a licensed Psychotherapist, Certified Hypnotherapist and Regression Therapist, Barbara Lamb has conducted more than 1820 regressions to people’s encounters with unusual non-human beings. She has given dozens of lectures and conference presentations all over the U.S., England, Belgium and Canada. She has been a guest on numerous radio shows including Coast-to-Coast AM. Barbara is the former Executive Vice President of the Association for Past Life Research and Therapies. She has been a trainer for the Professional Institute of Regression Therapy, for APRT, for the Hypnosis Clearing House, and for her independently sponsored courses. She was a board member and presenter for the Center for Crop Circle Studies in Los Angeles, California.

To learn more about Barbara, go to her website at http://www.barbaralambmft.com

“Millions of people worldwide are having encounters with unusual beings who apparently come from somewhere other than earth. We call these beings ‘extraterrestrials’ or ‘aliens’. They make an impressive impact on the people they visit and take away for an hour or two of time, including making people adjust to a profound change in their view of reality. These people benefit from specialized help such as recalling details of their encounters through hypnotic regressions, and from counseling by a therapist well acquainted with and appreciative of this anomalous, puzzling phenomenon.

In this course the student will learn about the range of people who have encounters with extraterrestrial beings, clues and evidence that these encounters have happened, determining the reality or unreality of the encounters, the large variety of beings who visit people, the wide range of procedures that the beings do with abducted humans (including procedures publicized by public media and lesser known procedures), negatively experienced encounters and positively experienced encounters, various types of ongoing relationships with individual ET beings, the reproduction program and hybrid babies (and the reasons given for this), people being educated on space crafts and by receiving downloaded information from the ETs.

Students will learn about the process of therapy for ‘experiencers’ of these encounters, and about helpful resources for them, as well as many other interesting details of this phenomenon.”

Ready to learn about the variety of extraterrestrial encounters and beings, how to deal with them and how to support contactees?

You’ll learn everything you need to know to react to contact reports when you join Barbara and your energetic classmates on this journey.

Click here to register for Variety of Extraterrestrial Encounters now. You’ll receive your login information and immediately begin to take your next step on your journey to becoming a chief contact person for matters of extraterrestrial contact!

Remember: Class size is limited because of the personal attention each student receives in this course.

Please click here to see if you can enroll in this class now or add your name to the waiting list.