SHA 605 - Ho’oponopono Certification

SHA 605 - Ho’oponopono Certification

Instructor: Mark Perkins

Discover a close relationship with the Hawaiian spiritual worldand your own to facilitate balancing your own life and those of others.

For coaches, consultants, holistic healers, reiki practitioners, shamanic students & students pursuing a degree from IMU.

What if you could energetically tap into the world of healing relationships easily?

What if you could learn to access the three worlds of a shaman?

Without going out of your home?Without spending your life savings?

And how amazing would you feel if you could positively change your life while impacting the lives of your clients so they finally experienced breakthroughs and see their dreams materialize?

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Then the Foundations of Shamanism is for YOU.

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“What Will I Know After I Complete Ho'oponopono?”

  • You’ll know how to define the Hawaiian term “kahuna”
  • You’ll know how to describe the three selves and the corresponding shamanic world views
  • You’ll know how to define Ho’oponopono
  • You’ll learn the history, concepts, ritual, and ceremony of the Ho’oponopono method
  • You’ll know how to practice the Ho’oponopono method
  • You’ll be able to provide examples from your own life where Ho’oponopono could be used
  • You’ll be able to document your own case studies of healing and balancing life situations where you applied Ho’oponopono
  • And more…

“What Will I Experience in Ho’oponopono?”

On your first day of class you’ll login and join the small, intimate group of students who will be experiencing this journey with you.

You’ll receive instructions on how to download your free audios and materials. You’ll begin learning how to create your own reality by leveraging the power of consciousness creation from day one.

“How Will I Retain What I’veLearned So I Can Put It Into Practice in Real-Life?”

1. Students will perform shamanic journeys, conduct the Ho’oponopono process, document the student’s observations and post these observations to the instructor. The observation may be posted to the Chat Tool based on the comfort of the student in sharing the material.
2. Students will also use the Chat tool to communicate with other students and the faculty.
3. Students will write up their before/during/after journeys and post them to the instructor.
4. Students will also write a brief paper describing the subjects in the Course Topics section of the Syllabus.

“What Free Resources Will I Have Immediate Access To?”

MP3 Audio

Text Books:

1. My Journey Back to Oneness by Mark Perkins
2. Advanced Self-identity Ho’oponopono Manual by Morrnah K. Simeona (can be downloaded at:

“Is there a course prerequisite?”

Yes. Students must be accepted by the instructor and Basic Shamanic Journeying class is required.

“When Can I Sign Up?”

Please click here to register for this class now.


“How Will You Measure My Progress To Guarantee I’m Doing Right?”

You want to get the most from your learning, don’t you’? To guarantee you’re getting the foundation you need for both conscious life creation and to get paid to help clients in the metaphysical arena, all of your work will be examined in detail. Remember, we’re here to help so if you have any questions, please feel free to share them with your instructor and the students on your journey.

“How is the class graded?”

90-100 = A, 80-89 = B, 70-79 = C. 69-60=D.

If you find that your work is falling below 70% or you experience other problems,

“How Much Time Do I Have To Complete This Course?”

You’ll want to stay with your cohorts and complete this course in 12 weeks. Extensions are granted for busy lifestyles because everyone deserves to learn how to create their own reality!

About Your Instructor:

Mark-PerkinsMark Perkins

Published author, My Journey Back to Oneness
Trained in basic and advanced Ho’oponopono as taught by Morna Simeona and Dr. Vince Wingo.
Participated in advanced training workshops in shamanism and shamanic healing with anthropologist and author Hank Wesselman, PhD and transpersonal medical practitioner Jill Kuykendall, RPT
Certified ARCH (Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing, an energy healing technique based on Hawaiian Spirituality) teacher by Laurie Grant (re-discoverer of ARCH) after three year apprenticeship
Conducts regular seminars on shamanism and energy healing.
Mark’s path has been and continues to be an adventure. It includes the U.S. Marine Corps where he learned both sides of life, taking and preserving. He was trained dutifully in killing the enemy before he could kill us. He was then taught to gather information that could be used to save lives. He continued with this services-based view in the U.S. Government as he was trying to work within the system to try to make it less of a war machine and more of a benefit to all humanity.

During this time and as a logical continuation of his path, he began to study Aikido. The study of Aikido has been integral in his understanding of his “dark side.” This is part of an entity that is the ego-driven reaction to situations. It is the part that pushes back when pushed. It is the part that sees things as separate, dark and light, good and bad. Aikido has shown himthe need to understand both sides of the situation while providing a safe environment for all concerned.

In an effort to provide a safer environment to raise his children, Mark and his wife moved West.They found themselves in an environment where alternative methods of doing things were accepted and encouraged. It was in this environment he met teacher Laurie Keako’a’ Grant. She was teaching a Reiki class that he had decided to take. When Laurie moved on to re-discover Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing, he continued to study with her.

During those years, the old “intelligence analyst”, the one who spent 15-years analyzing information and studying language and cultures for the Department of Defense, was very curious about the origins of Hawaiian healing and Spiritual practices. That is when he found Shamanism.

Mark has had the pleasure to study under Dr. Hank Wesselman, Sandra Ingerman, Gregg Braden, Barbara Marx Hubbard and Dan Millman, in addition to Laurie Grant. He continues to study shamanic teachings and employing the Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing energies.